Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blogspot Android Application Review

Blogspot Android Application Review

Today many blogs and websites are launching their android app for attracting mobile users and also everyone have android phones and uses these mobile applications for reading news,online shopping,banking,bill payments and much more.In past, we must have a laptop computer for doing online bill payment and online shopping but today we can easily take these online service benefits on our android mobile phones by installing applications and one benefit of using this application is that they consume very little mobile data as compared to do on laptop/desktop computers.At present android solves high consumption of data as we already know data packs are very expensive so everyone can't afford these packs.

Recently Google launched Blogspot android application for attracting more bloggers and now available on play store at free of cost.I was waiting for this application since 2 years So I decided to take the trial of this application.

So, let I introduce all readers with this application

After using this app for 10 days I notice many advantages and disadvantages of this application.

Let starts with advantages:-

  • Very light to use,never hang and never crash easily
  • You can write your content from anywhere and one thing is also about this app is that it supports slow internet connections like edge and GPRS.
  • You can easily access published and draft post and can delete any post and compose any new post

Blogspot Android Application Review

  • For writing blog post 4 features are given:- Bold,italic,add a photo,add a hyperlink.

Blogspot Android Application Review

Now let's talk about its weakness :-

  • You can never access stats,HTML source code,settings and much more.
  • Many of features are missing in blog post compose section like text size (small,medium,large),numbering and bullet list format and much more ( only 4 functions are given as shown in below image)
  • If you use spell check tool like Grammarly then you can't take help from like that tools and this application is also not come with automatic spell check tool.
  • You can't edit your template.

These are all cons and pros of blogger application.According to me, blogger releases the beta version .I think After some months Google will add some extra features in this application.
It needs a lot of changes but I like this application and use a lot because
"its better than nothing to have something and have some patience"

How I use this application in writing blogs:-

Blogspot Android Application Review
Blogspot Android Application Review

As we know thinking is the base for writing any topic.So when I have free time,I start thinking about my new topic and open this application and start typing.I need not have my laptop with me for writing the blog.This application comes with save option so if you do not want to publish or your post is incomplete then you can easily save it into drafts.

I only use this app for saving purpose.When my post is  completed on this  I take my laptop and log into my account and set the format of my post like setting headings,subheadings,bullets,numbering,spell error checking and much more

After reviewing the Blogspot application I concluded that there is need of some extra features and some changes.If you like this post then please do comment in comment box.